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~ Friday, April 27 ~

weepy post, skip for better conent.

The paradox of being fat

I’m supposed to love myself

I’m supposed to want to change myself

I’m supposed to accept the good and the bad about me

I’m supposed to accept that I’m going to be alone until I lose weight

Everyone says I’m beautiful

except my Mother.

The end result:get unflattering hair cut (by accident), dye a big chunk pink, attempt to make bolder fashion choices, end up looking foolish and utterly forgettable. Realize you can’t make anyone happy, and go out and look for a job that pays and isn’t soul crushing.

Tags: I'm sorry guys It's just crashing down around my ears I'm so sad
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  1. newly-poly-nyc said: I’m too tired to think of any actual comforting advice/words. But I hope internet hugs help. And fuck society because even though I know I’m pretty by conventional media standards, I still feel not good enough, because fuck society. *hugs*
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